2014 Program


The Hampton High School Marching Band is proud to present it's 2014 field show, BOND!; featuring the music from multiple James Bond movies.


The band will take you on a musical journey comprised of:

  • "You Know My Name," by Chris Cornell, featured as the title song to the 2006 Casino Royale film

  • "For Your Eyes Only," sung by Sheena Easton for the 1981 movie of the same name

  • "Skyfall," written and performed by Adele for the 2012 movie of the same name

  • "Live and Let Die," written by Paul McCarthney for the 1973 movie of the same name

  • "The James Bond Theme," written by Monty Norman and arranged by John Barry originally for the 1962 film, "Dr. No." 


The band looks to bring focus to the auxiliary units by casting the dance team as the good Bond girls and the color guard as the villainous Bond girls.  James Bond, himself, will even be present on the field.  All of the sections of the band will receive feature areas, with a huge percussion break utilizing the opening chase-scene music titled, "African Rundown," from the 2006 Casino Royale movie.  The band is very excited to be premiering these arrangements this fall!  For the first time ever, the band commissioned these arrangements for use only by the Hampton HS Marching Band.  The band's performance at the first football game will be the world premiere of these arrangements.


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