2016 Program



The Hampton High School Marching Band is proud to present our 2016 field show, BACK TO THE FUTURE.

The band will be featuring popular tunes and orchestra music straight from the blockbuster movie.  Beginning in 1985, the band will then follow Marty back to 1955 where he tries to fix history so he and his family have a future.  Will he be successful?  Will he make it back to 1985?  Come and see the Hampton High School Marching Band travel through time in the fall of 2016 to find out how the story ends!

2016 Repertoire:

The Power of Love: by Huey Lewis and the News
Earth Angel: made famous by the doo-wop group, The Penguins
Johnny B. Good: by Chuck Berry
Back To The Future Theme: by Alan Silvestri


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