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March 29, 2020

In The News!

We are having another "Dine to Donate" event this week on Tuesday, March 31'st at Pasquale's.  Please consider placing an order for pickup or delivery to support the band!

Due to the extension of the stay at home order, Hoagie Sale #4 has been canceled.  See the details below

On the Calendar

Monday April 6th:

Spring Pie Pickup- Pickup Location To Be Announced Soon

News This Week:

Spring Band Trip Refund Information


We continue to work with tour company regarding refunds, and they have continued to work with their vendors as well.  We have not received any timeframe for when HBA will receive refunds though.


We anticipate that it may take several weeks for insurance to be paid to the tour company, and for refunds to be received from vendors. 


HBA will provide refunds as quickly as possible, once they are received from the tour company.  Any outstanding obligations to HBA will be deducted from any refund returned.

The $12 cost for the trip t-shirt is unable to be refunded as those shirts were printed already and distributed in class this week. 


When available, the refund will be returned via the following methods: 

  1. Trip payments made by personal checks will be refunded to the individual families after being processed through HBA.

  2. Trip payments made by fundraising credits will be returned to HBA and can be applied to a future trip or other band expense.  


For the 81 families who purchased tour protection:

  • You will receive a full refund less the cost of the t-shirt.  This guarantee was confirmed by the president of the tour company. 


For the 86 families that did not purchase trip insurance:

  • Any refunds will be limited to the amount of the refund that the tour company is able to receive from their suppliers, less the cost of the t-shirt.  The tour company continues to work with their suppliers in hopes of securing additional reimbursements. 


We do expect these families to receive a refund for:

  • Hotel expense

  • Thursday night pizza dinner.

  • Friday lunch money cash.

  • Saturday boxed lunch from The Corner Bakery

  • Saturday Hard Rock Cafe dinner

  • Saturday Theatre ticket to see "Guys and Dolls" at Ford's Theatre 


As soon as we have confirmation on the costs for these areas we will pass that along so that you know the amount of refund that will be given.


There are a number of other places that have already been pre-paid as part of the trip planning and at this time we do not have confirmation about any other refunds that may be given.  That is, it is possible that we may be able to pass along more refunds but can not confirm any other details at this time.  Please know that conversations are ongoing as we try and secure more refunds and we will continue to send out updates on the latest information that we have.  We continue to ask for your patience on this matter.


For Seniors only:

While we understand that families of seniors will not be able to benefit from fundraising credits returned to their accounts, we are not permitted to refund this money in any way.  These credits may only be transferred to a younger sibling, gifted to another younger band student, or gifted to the HBA. 

Fundraising Opportunities:


Hoagie Sale #4

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Hoagie Sale planned for May 9th, must be cancelled.  We will try to reschedule additional sales, and additional fundraising opportunities in the fall  to help families raise funds for next year's trip to Walt Disney World!

Other News


Donations to the Hampton Band Association

Did you know you can donate directly to the Hampton Band Association via credit card?  Although donations in cash or checks were always accepted by mailing them to the Hampton Band Association at 2929 McCully Road, Allison Park, PA 15101, donations by credit card can now be made.  As a 501c3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization, the Hampton Band Association appreciates any donations, and will provide a receipt for tax purposes as well.  To donate by credit card, please click HERE.

Amazon Smile Program

The Hampton Band is a part of the Amazon Smile program!  If you do not have your Amazon account linked to a group, please consider adding us.  The band receives 0.5% of the purchase price so every little bit helps. Follow the link if you are interested: Hampton Band Amazon Smile Program


Shop and Save Perks

Thank you for your ongoing support of this program!  We just recently crossed the $1000 mark for donations from Shop and Save so thank you for being a part of the Perks program.


If you are a regular at Shop and Save (or even just an occasional shopper) and have a Perks card, please consider linking your account to the Hampton Marching Band.  We earn points when you shop and receive gift cards to use in the store. Those gift cards helped to pay for food for the Band Picnic, the Homecoming Picnic, and other events.  If you are interested you can find the form here: Shop & Save Perks Program

To receive timely e-mail announcements from the HBA, be sure to sign up in Charms. 

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