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2023 Marching Band Show

Kentucky Derby Video
PIMBA Championship Performance
Aerial View of the Show
Multicam Version of No Storm Lasts Forever
October 20 Senior Night Halftime Show Featuring the Class of 2024

The Hampton HS Marching Band is proud to present its 2023 field show production, "No Storm Lasts Forever." We look forward to exploring the message behind this title, both in a literal sense as we have designed the show to replicate a group of sailors who get caught at sea in a dangerous storm, as well as metaphorically as we all experience difficult seasons (storms) in life from time to time.  


The dance team, color guard, and percussion section depict the ocean by wearing varying shades of blues and greys. The brass and woodwinds are the sailors - wearing dark raincoats during the storm and then removing those coats when the storm is over. This will be the first time we have ever tried a costume change with the instrumental students. The ocean comes to life with 12 rocking buoy props and a few wave/bridge props on the field. The artwork on the front walls (on both sides of the front ensemble) tells the story of the show. The show is built around 4 distinct movements:


Movement 1: The Approaching Storm: Using the music, "The Sound of Silence," by Simon & Garfunkel (cover by Disturbed), this movement depicts the anxiety, stress, and worry felt as the storm is approaching.  


Movement 2: The Storm Hits:  Using the music, "Stormworks," a concert band piece by Stephen Melillo, this movement is filled with action, instability, and intensity. The storm attacks, knocks us over, and injures us by the end of this movement.


Movement 3: Aftermath / Survival: Using the music, "Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen, this movement is designed to move us from bewilderment, to relief, and finally to proclaiming our gratitude for surviving the storm. Beginning distant and reflective, this movement ultimately concludes with a glorious musical declaration.


Movement 4: Celebration: using the music, "Mr. Blue Sky," by the Electric Light Orchestra, this movement takes us on a festive journey of celebration. Things are fixed, skies are blue, and the ocean is calm, it's time to party and sail on!

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