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Cut Time Communications - Overview:


CutTime bought Charms. We’ve been living in Charms AND CutTime since June 5 while we make the transition to the new platform. Our Charms access expires next Friday July 19. CutTime, instead of sending old-fashioned emails, sends links via text straight to cell phones. Their research says that most people get too many emails and many of them are accidentally overlooked. Instead, CutTime sends a text message with a link to the full text of the announcement. Instead of you having to check your email, the CutTime text pursues you. An email back-up should also be sent thru Cut Time, so these texts and emails are legitimate and are from Mr. Himmler or the HBA Board. Thanks!

Some helpful introduction videos for your members and guardians can be found here:

Logging inAs a member of the program or as a guardian, your login is your "magic link" that you may have received in a text message from your program administrator. See this article for more details on your magic link.

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